Cristina Murphy

Group Art Supervisor

Renters Insurance Advertising: Print, Digital, Radio and Transit

CLIENT: Franklin Mutual Insurance

PROJECT: Renters Insurance Advertising

BRIEF: Thanks to the success of their  homeowners insurance campaign, the client decided to expand their market for apartment renters insurance.

SOLUTION:  I created a conceptual ad, with a clear message: a renter can protect their expensive stuff for a cheap monthly cost. Following the success of this print magazine ad, the client expanded the advertising to transit posters, Geo-targeted online digital advertising and Pandora digital radio ads.

Below is a leaderboard banner, created in Photoshop as an animated Gif (if you have an ad blocker enabled on your browser, it needs to be turned off to view the Gif):

Leaderboard Banner Renters Insurance

Leaderboard Banner for Geo-targeted, Online Digital Advertising

A photo of a transit poster located at Hudson Bergen Light Rail:

Out Of Home Advertising - Transit Poster

Out Of Home Advertising – Transit Poster

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